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Shock Tube Splitters
Shock Tube Splitters
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Allows firing two shock tube lines from a single tube when close timing is critical.

Connection is a snap. Simply push the shock tube into the connector. To release, press the retaining ring while gently pulling the shock tube out.

Splitters can be ordered to fit Mil-Spec shock tube or standard commercial shock tube.

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STY-COM Splitter for standard commercial shock tube
STY-MIL Splitter for Mil-Spec shock tube
Shock Tube Coupler
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Duke Pro's shock tube couplers allow you to connect Mil-Spec and thick-walled shock tube to standard commercial shock tube.

With this you can run lower cost standard commercial shock tube to the top of your drill hole, then convert to thick-wall or Mil-Spec to run down the hole.

Made from brass, these couplers are guaranteed to last at least 10,000 shots.

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STCPL Coupler for Mil-Spec & thick-walled shock tube to standard commercial shock tube
STCPL-SC Joins two pieces of standard commercial shock tube.
STCPL-MS Joins two pieces of Mil-Spec or thick-walled shock tube.
Shock Tube Cutters
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Duke Pro's shock tube cutter have a single blade design to provide a safe non-sparking cut.

The blade is spring loaded to remain closed and may safely be carried in your pocket.

Simple one-hand operation.

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STCUT Cutter for all shock tube