Your batteries will last longer
because our designs are more
power efficient.
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Manufacturers of 10,000 shot shock tube starter tips
The only blasting machine manufacturer that guarantees their machines for life under a
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Duke Pro Products
Shock Tube Saver System (STSS)
Return On Investment Chart (PDF 215k)
STSS Owner's Manual (PDF 451k)

ESI/RMx (all models)

Installation and Operations Manual (PDF 78k)


D80/ESI User Manual (PDF 214k)
D80/ESI Specification Sheet (PDF 722k)
Electric Breech System from Ideal Supply


ESI/2 User Manual (PDF 1.7M)
ESI/2 Specification Sheet (PDF 1.7M)

RSS4 and RSS2

RSS4 and RSS2 User Manual (PDF 1.7M)
RSS4 and RSS2 Product Description (PDF 1.7M)
LWDD and MD82
LWDD Product Description Sheet (PDF 3.7M)
LWDD5 with Universal Fitting Product Description Sheet (PDF 3.7M)
LWDD User Manual (PDF 333k)
MD82 User Manual (PDF 306k)


USTI-ECO User Manual (PDF 2.3M)

Switch Tip

Calibration Manual (PDF 218k)
Switch Tip Specifications Sheet (PDF 1.1M)

Duke 35 and 65

Operations Manual (PDF 52k)
Supplemental Information
Vanguard Vehicles
MK-II Installation Supplement (PDF 4.3M)
Remotec Vehicles
Guide to mounting ESI/RM1 to Andros Mini (PDF 326k)
Guide to mounting ESI/RM4-HD to HD-1 (PDF 586k)
Guide to mounting ESI/RM2-HD to HD-1 (PDF 77k)